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Elva Not Fit To Raise Children


Records indicate that Elva B. and Kidman were unfit to raise these children. A direct statement from
their file states "imcompetent parent who was a danger to herself and others"

Please explain to me why someone with that type of file is granted the right to raise 4 more children?
Why was there no background check?
How could the clerks and social workers be so neglient?

Thats what this case will hopefully uncover.

1.) Jeffrey Baldwin was just shy of his sixth birthday when he collasped and died from starvation.
2.) Jeffrey and his 3 siblings are/were victims of parental abuse,
3.) He and his older sister were locked in a room for hours on end day after day.
4.) They had to eat on the floor, in the "pigs corner" and drink water out of the toilet bowl.
5.) They were not allowed to use the bathroom, and deficated in the bedroom where they were
beaten if they did not clean up the feces and urine faster enough - by there Grandmother
6.) Jeffrey's grandmother was convicted in the batter and death of her own infant daughter
7.) His grandfather was a convicted child abuser.
8.) The Catholic Children's aids Society of Tronto had this information but failed to review it prior to the
proceddings which left the 4 sibliings in their grandparents care.
9.) Mr. Kidman the grandfather allegedly "spread her legs, hurt the locked away girls privates with a metal
10.) The defences agruement against murder 1 is that the Grandparents wanted the Social Assistance cheques
and therefore would not have wanted the child to die, as they would lose 600.00% a month in assistance
alloted to them for taking in the siblings.
11.) One of the childrens uncles testified that Elva (the grandmother) refused to get Jeffrey medical attention
because it would also cost her money.
12.) The two locked away siblings slepted in cribs, surrounded by urine and feces.
13.) There were 3 visits to the family home and each time the children were left with their grandparents.

There are many more details to this case. And I have posted some of the articles that have been published in regards to the events and trial. Please read, I know it can be emotionally taxing on some people to read about such horric and tragic events, but if you are in Canada it's time that those responsible are held accountable for their neglience. And I am not refering to only the grandparents, but the system that failed those children as well.

I decided to do some checking with the help of another mindsayer tootboy we found that:

Toot : i just checked the washington post, the ny times, the AP, reuters

Toot : nothing about jeffrey baldwin in any papers or newswire
Toot : nothing on cnn or foxnews websites
Toot : that's just amazing... not one sentence. a major canadian story and nothing
Me : i cannot believe that there is nothing availabe in american media.
Toot: : but then again...there is almost nothing about the 'no confidence' story
Toot: : but there is literally zero...all searches on the web found no stories in any of the wires or papers
Toot: : face it... no one in the US cares about Canada.
Me : It's dishearting, when its not about Canada, it's about a child. a small innocent child defeated by the

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