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Bedroom Fixed up After Boy Died


Bedroom fixed up after boy died
Nov. 29, 2005. 01:00 AM
Jeffrey Baldwin's filthy, urine-stained bedroom underwent a "dramatic
change" soon after his death: The lock on the door was gone, the walls
were painted blue and the room was filled with toys, a former police
officer has recalled.
Michael Davis, at the time a detective sergeant with the Toronto police
force, testified yesterday that when he went back to the house after
Jeffrey died on Nov. 30, 2002, he saw that the room had been freshly
painted and there was pink trim around the door.

Bottineau, 54, and her common-law husband, Norman Kidman, 53, are
charged with first-degree murder in the death of 5-year-old Jeffrey,
who had withered away in the last two years of his life from
The official cause of death was septic shock, where his body was too
weak from hunger to fight off bacterial pneumonia. The couple has also
pleaded not guilty to the unlawful confinement of Jeffrey's sister.

A diary kept by Bottineau was seized by Davis and presented as evidence
at the trial, being heard without a jury.
In it, Bottineau described how she had strong feelings of affection for
Jeffrey's younger brother, calling him a "young man who stole my
She wrote that she thought of him more as her son than her grandson.
The trial has heard how that child and his oldest sister were seen by
their grandparents as "the good kids," while Jeffrey and his other
sister were "the bad ones."
In the July 23, 1999 entry, Bottineau wrote that if anything were to
happen to her and Kidman, she would want the "good" children to live
with her daughters.
As for Jeffrey and his sister, Bottineau wrote: "If they are old enough
they can go on their own. Neither aunt wants these two because of the
disgusting habits they have — inbeded (sic) in them — from (their
parents) — raised to be little pigs and can't behave them selfs (sic)."
The trial has heard how the grandparents gave up trying to toilet train
Jeffrey and kept him locked in his room in the evenings, letting him
out around noon most days.
At times, Jeffrey drank water from the toilet bowl or the dog bowl by
the door, the trial has heard.
Davis told Richards that on one wall of the east-end home were six
diplomas that Bottineau, described as being of marginal intelligence,
earned through an Internet school. One diploma was for child
psychology, while two others were for police sciences and legal
assistance. Davis is expected to be the final Crown witness at the
trial, which resumes today.


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