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Catholic Children's Aid Society Needs To Tell Us The Truth


It seems no matter how much is said, how many complaints are written and sent into authoraties all across the country, and how many children are on the streets or dead, The Catholic Children's Aid continues to try to put all information they don't like under a huge rug in the Vatican.

The Metro Children's Aid Society is just behind.

Seems that the public is keeping score but the Aids are totally out of touch.

We The Public, Parents and their children want answers and changes.

The Catholic Children's Aid society
Needs To Tell Us All!!!

You know what really gets under our skin is that the Catholic Children's Aid Society's do not take any responsibility for there actions. For one example, the Jeffrey Baldwin case where Jeffrey was starved to death by people chosen by The Catholic Children's aid Society to care for Jeffrey.

The Catholic Children's Aid Society refused to answer questions to the Fifth Estate and much worse they refused to co-operate with the Police Detective working to resolve the situation.

The only response from The Catholic Children's Aid Society was to write a letter of apology to express there concern.

Our belief is that if The Catholic Children's Aid Society actually were sorry for their mistakes n being partially responsible for the starvation of Jeffrey Baldwin, The Catholic Children's Aid would not be so deeply trenched in avoidance of the questions that so badly need answering for everyones peace of mind.

Why is Jeffrey's worker still working for the Catholic Children Aid Society? The incident proved itself that she does not have the capability to look after children. It's not like Jeffrey death was an accident. Jeffrey was starved to death over a period of years. The murders were even convicted and sentenced

Why is it that only this past February 2006, that The Catholic Children's Aid Society made it a law to do criminal background checks on the foster family?

So what about all the other children stuck in the system, who's workers and caregivers were hired before the background checks were in effect:

Are they going to be checked? Have they been?

What is going to be done about that?

Are any of those kids being or been: abused mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually?

Do we have to wait until some of them are dead or totally screwed up in many other degrading ways for life?

Does this mean that these children are not in trouble?

Or did they even check that out?

If you have a complaint against Catholic Children's Aid Society you have to follow there procedure which is, meet with your worker, then meet with your worker and supervisor, then the branch manager, then the executive director, then to board director then to the ministry of children and youth service but my main concern is that no one outside the agency has any jurisdiction over Catholic Children's Aid Society especially since they have proven to support there workers even if a child dies.

So how can we trust that are concerns for are children are really being heard, and if Catholic Children's Aid Society had nothing to hide and truly did not believe the children in there care are being abused why would they be so concerned with the ombudsman or anyone for that matter getting the Wright to investigate complaints against the Catholic Children's Aid Society.

We at LoveCry are presently building a Memorial site for Jeffrey and will disclose the address as soon as it is completed. This site will include some of the best articles written by our Media. Thank you All for any and all support during this hell.

Jeffrey Baldwin is Angel's cousin so this case and problem truly hits our heats at LoveCry.
Please Help Us Get Abuse Stopped!!!

Angel Femia
Jesse Wilson


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